Wednesday, June 5, 2013

summer Lolita day

Summer Lolita day was Sunday. Summer Lolita day is the day All Lolita get dressed up in the best summer outfit they own. I personally  find the day a little silly. I guess the day is nice if you never get to wear Lolita for some reason and need  a chance to get out. This year I forgot the day because I was busy ,but I am sure I wore something cute seeing as I work very hard to  always wear something cute. I guess about as as close as I am came to celebrating this year was I did go out to dinner last night . Here is the photo of what I wore.
I'm sorry I'm not wearing the out ,but I don't take selfies. I think photos with a phone in them are silly. Sadly the outfit is mostly black and hard to see. Here is a list of what I wore anyway. 1. black Bodyline BTSB  knockoff skirt. 2. Black lace shirt. 3. new black and purple floral print tights. 4. pearl necklace with black  heart on it. flower flipflops.6. Big black hairbow. for those who are wondering I did wear a full petticoat I just did not bother to add it into the photo. It was kind of funny eating dinner last night because most of the time people love what I wear ,but last night for some reason the table next to me full of middle aged half dressed ladies spent all of dinner trying to figure out why I was dressed like a fool. Other then that the evening was nice. Honestly I have very few people say anything bad about my clothes. I got  yelled at once in a Kmart for being over dressed for Kmart. I just told the lady she was right I was overdressed,but I was only in Kmart because my grandmother needed something.No one goes to Kmart anymore for anything unless they have to. Kmart is the worst store around anymore. The other time someone had something bad to say was at a Korean supermarket. The manger of the store said something along the lines of that's just what we don't need around here a Lolita . I thought what the man said was funny. The same day that happened a kid in another store slammed his shopping cart into a display  because he was so stunned to see me dressed the way I was.  I know some girls get yelled at a lot and have parents who hate what they wear. I guess I am very lucky I don't have that problem. Most people like my clothes and my family loves what I wear. My family even loves to try and and find me new things for my wardrobe. I feel very sorry for those girls who have it bad as a Lolita.

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