Friday, June 28, 2013

My process for wearing lolita

For this weeks Lolita blog carnival I am going to tell you my process for wearing Lolita. I would just make this simple and say I just pick what I want to wear and lay it out the night before,but that won't make for much of a blog post .I am going to go step by step putting a outfit together.

1.I pick the skirt  and Shirt I want to wear or dress.

2.I pick the petticoat I want to wear.
3. I pick the legging,tights or bloomers I want to wear.
4. I pick the socks I want to wear.

5.I pick the shoes I want to wear.
6.I pick a purse.
7.I pick a cardigan if I need one.

8. I pick my earrings.
9. I pick a necklace.

10.I pick a ring.

11. I pick a bracelet. Sorry I forgot a photo for this step.
12. I pick a broache , pin or a bow if I need one.

13. I pick I want to wear in my hair.
14.I pick a scarf if I need one.

15. I pick a new  handkerchief  for my purse if I need one.

16.I pick a new fan if I need one.
17. I pick my gloves if it's winter.
18. I pick my coat if it's winter. I am sorry,but I forgot a photo here.
19. I pick my perfume.

20. I pick my makeup and my nail polish. I skipped photos here because I didn't feel makeup and nail polish were photo worthy.

I think I have covered everything I could need to get dressed in Lolita. now here is this weeks list of links to the other girls in the blog carnival.

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