Monday, November 26, 2012

EPCOT center bell

Last night while me and my sister were out shopping we stopped in Goodwill and she found this bell.

Me and my sister almost never find vintage Disney stuff offline so this is just so very cool. I would say that this is best Disney related thing that has happened to me all month,but today I got invited to go to Mickeys very merry Christmas party tomorrow night. I will hopefully have tons of photos to post later. With my luck being this good I hope it does mean bad things for next month. Maybe when I get the time I will add photos of the rest of my vintage Disney collection.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sofia the first Disney's sweetest most adorable new princess.

I just got done watching Disney's new movie Sofia the first the preview movie for Disney's  new TV series about about Sofia Disney's newest princess. That movie had to be the cutest Disney princess I have seen in years.I won't give the whole movie away, but I will tell what it is about . The movie is about a little girl named Sofia and her mother who come from nothing to royalty and in the movie and the future TV Series Sofia has to go to royal school to learn to be a princess manners, tea parties,balls and all. This movie was so cute and so pretty and lolita like I am very surprised no lolita blogs are talking about this I would think if nothing else the the idea of a girl learning manners and how to take tea would click with some lolitas. I know that for some lolitas things like taking tea is new to them like Sofia. .I am adding tons of photos to this page to show you how cute Sofia is and how this should really be more popular with lolitas .

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

it's time to vote!!

 It's time for those of you who have not already voted to get out and vote.I personally voted last week on Halloween. My voting had nothing to do with Halloween it was just a good day to vote. I hope whom ever you want wins . I know both can't win  I'm just being nice. For anyone who ask  no I'm not going to tell you who I voted for .I hope all of you like the cute video of Donald voting.