Friday, July 5, 2013

If brands made home decor...

This weeks Lolita blog carnival is is bit of a odd one. It is kinda hard to come with photos for stuff that a brand has never made. My way of thinking week  was at first to go with something like Baby the stars shine bright, but then I decided to go with Angelic pretty.My reasoning for going  Angelic pretty is a little odd  but I think it will work. Last night as I was going to bed I was thinking about the fits Angelic pretty throws over people ripping them off and hit me a large amount of what they make could be called a rip off of something else I love Lisa frank.  I know you are wondering how this works well I will explain with photos. Here is a classic Lisa frank pattern from the late 80's
Here is Angelic prettys milky planet.
Here are more Lisa frank candy prints and dessert prints.

Here are more Angelic pretty candy and dessert prints.

Now I could go all day long and find a match or something close to every Angelic pretty print,but I won't. OK now I will get to what this all has to with this weeks theme. Lisa frank back in the 80's made everything even home decor stuff. I think that if Angelic pretty made home decor it would look like Lisa franks stuff from the 80's and 90's only more expensive. I am going to show you photos of Lisa franks home decor stuff so you can see what I think angelic prettys stuff  might look like.
I really thought I would find more home decor photos then I did seeing as Lisa frank made so much of back in the 80's and 90's,but I think you all get the point anyway. After having worked on this I really wish Lisa frank and Angelic pretty would work together on something and I wish Angelic pretty would make home decor.. I bet no other girl in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival went so far off the map as I did to come with their idea this week .I hope all of you like my idea this week now here are the links for the other girls who are in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.


  1. I love your take on this week's carnival! I know that Lisa Frank sort of revolutionized a lot of girl's trends in the 90's once they got really popular and sort of swayed things in a much different direction than they were maybe going before they came along, but I'm honestly very curious if Angelic Pretty ever even knew they existed considering they were an American stationery brand?

    Seeing that picture of the Lisa Frank room makes me want to cry so much! I would have loved that sort of stuff when I was little and the collector in my wants it so badly now, and the first thing I thought after "OMG I WANT IT!" was "OMG I wonder how many thousands of dollars a setup like that would cost to get ahold of" I am actually trying to rebuild some of my childhood Lisa Frank collection and it's incredibly expensive to buy secondhand. It's not uncommon to see trapper keepers alone go for close to $100!

    1. I'm glad you like my take on this weeks blog carnival.I took up collecting Lisa frank again a few years back and that is small part of where my idea came from. I think Angelic Pretty would have known who Lisa Frank was because they were really very popular in Japan. Lisa Frank even sold tons stuff just for the Japanese market like bento boxes and chopstick sets. I was surprised to find out Lisa Frank was big in Japan like in the US. I think Lisa Frank even had a few shops in Japan back in the early 90's. I read all of this about ten years ago on Lisa franks website in article they had written about there products in the rest of the world. I was kinda stunned after reading the article and had to research to see if it was true and it was.I would guess Lisa Frank stopped selling in japan in the mid90's when the stuff stopped being popular in the US and almost went away here.Sadly almost non of the Japanese Lisa Frank turns up on ebay any more and when it does it is very expensive.