Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new petticoats.

I am so happy my new petticoats came in the mail yesterday.I don't know why I am so happy. I don't normally go quite so crazy over something as simple as a petticoat but with these I am. As soon as I got the box open yesterday I had to try the petticoats on and bounce around  like I was a bunny or something.

Both of the petticoats are Malco Modes and are super huge. The dark blue one is my fave I love the fact it could knock over just about anything. I never thought I could love the idea of knocking things down but this petticoat changed that. I am sure I over when I do more then just knock down my own things in it I love the fact the petticoats are a little longer then normal so I finally have petticoats that are perfect for my longer skirts and dresses. I never liked the fact that my normal petticoats are slightly too short  for my longer stuff. I can not wait to get the chance to wear one of the petticoats to Disney and bounce around. Now that I have written this I think I am going to try and talk someone in to going to Disney so I can wear one of these.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Socks at Publix.

I just have to post this. I would not normally think of buying socks at Publix or at any super market,but these were just to cute to pass up.
I bought these last night while buying a cake(Publix makes the best cakes ever) for my mothers birthday. Anyone here who lives near a Publix  and needs or wants cute cheap knee socks for Valentines day needs to go check them out.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Me and Lolita in 8 years.

I decided to get in on this weeks Lolita blog Carnival kinda last minute this time. I did not get really think I would get in on this until a little while ago  when a idea just hit me. In 8 years I would like to have a much larger better put together wardrobe. In 8 years I would like to own a few of my dream prints. In 8 years I would like to have gone to a few brand stores. In 8 years I would like to be better known as a Lolita. In 8 years I hope to be a better Lolita blogger. In 8 years I hope to have gotten around to buying a few lucky packs. In 8 years I hope that Lolita is still around and I am not the last person wearing it. I hope that in 8 years I have gotten better at a classy Gal( pretty yet adult) look for the days that Lolita won't work.  Now getting slightly off the Lolita subject. In 8 years I hope to have started to figure out what I want to with the rest of my life. In 8 years  I hope to be married and have kids or at least headed in that direction. Even if I don't get any of what I want in 8 years I hope that nothing has gone to wrong  in my life and I am still able to be a Lolita.
Now that I have said all of that I will leave you with art from Tokyo Disneyland of this years sweet Duffy and Shellie may just because it is cute and to make this blog post a little better.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First post in a long while

I would have posted sooner ,but I just have not felt like posting.I would post my photos from Halloween at Disney and Christmas time at Disney,but looking at the photos kinda depress me. When I went Christmas time I went with a family friend who got insulted by some of his friends after the photos got put online. I will just say the guy does not have family or a girlfriend who will stand up for him.It kinda breaks my heart to see things like that because I can't do anything because it is not my place to. I am now going to get off that subject and just post my photos of my Christmas gifts  and few other things I bought.

In the first photo part of the box for the 2013 holiday Barbie , a druma, a Hello Kitty overnight bag, Pokemon x for the 3DS, Animal Crossing newleaf 3DS, a few random small Hello Kitty things ,a complete set of Disney character  Christmas autograph cards and a new retro Disney pen.
The second photo just shows my Christmas stocking  and some new clothing still in the box. missing from the photos is my my new Christmas Jungle cruise poster. For any one who is wondering what the autograph cards are for . Disney was thinking of have characters stop signing autographs and just hand out cute themed presigned  cards.The reason for the idea was some characters just don't write very well and some just take to long writing. Disney tested the idea out Christmas time and the idea did not go over very well. Most people did not get the idea and still asked for a autograph. My wonderful sister went to the Magic Kingdom one day and collected a card from each and every character before Disney stopped the idea. Some day when I get the time I will post them all online so people can see how pretty they are.  The next group of photos are of some the chothes I got for Christmas. I won't list bands. I will just say it all came from Macy's.

The next photos are of some thrift store finds of mine.

The shirt was bought to match the cherries in my fruit parlor knockoff skirt. The dress that is from the 70's was bought because I love the Liz Lisa style look of it.
The next photos are some online finds.     The hair things were bought because I could use some more hair things  and the strawberry necklace was bought at the same time because it is just cute. The pearls are Betsey Johnson and bought to go with classic Lolita clothes. The Liz Lisa My Melody purse was a magazine giveaway. The bloomers  are just because I need more of them.

The last photo is my my fave . I finally got that cute shirt I wanted from Disney when I went to Disney Christmas time.
I hope all of  you like my stuff and hopefully I will get my act together and write more.