Friday, June 28, 2013

My process for wearing lolita

For this weeks Lolita blog carnival I am going to tell you my process for wearing Lolita. I would just make this simple and say I just pick what I want to wear and lay it out the night before,but that won't make for much of a blog post .I am going to go step by step putting a outfit together.

1.I pick the skirt  and Shirt I want to wear or dress.

2.I pick the petticoat I want to wear.
3. I pick the legging,tights or bloomers I want to wear.
4. I pick the socks I want to wear.

5.I pick the shoes I want to wear.
6.I pick a purse.
7.I pick a cardigan if I need one.

8. I pick my earrings.
9. I pick a necklace.

10.I pick a ring.

11. I pick a bracelet. Sorry I forgot a photo for this step.
12. I pick a broache , pin or a bow if I need one.

13. I pick I want to wear in my hair.
14.I pick a scarf if I need one.

15. I pick a new  handkerchief  for my purse if I need one.

16.I pick a new fan if I need one.
17. I pick my gloves if it's winter.
18. I pick my coat if it's winter. I am sorry,but I forgot a photo here.
19. I pick my perfume.

20. I pick my makeup and my nail polish. I skipped photos here because I didn't feel makeup and nail polish were photo worthy.

I think I have covered everything I could need to get dressed in Lolita. now here is this weeks list of links to the other girls in the blog carnival.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Create a coord based on a dessert.

This weeks Lolita blog carnival is to make a outfit based on a dessert.When I first thought of this I was going to go with strawberry shortcake. I changed my mind on my theme because i thought that would be a easy idea that would get used a lot seeing as strawberries  are used so much in Lolita.My second idea the one I am using came to me searching through my closet for ideas. The idea that one out is gingerbread men. I picked gingerbread men because I have a wonderful Christmas outfit made by my mother using gingerbread men print fabric and because I didn't think my theme would get a lot of use. The first photo here is of the whole outfit put together minus shoes.I picked a white blouse to go with the JSK and its underskirt because I thought it was cute. I picked the red necklace with the gold heart,the mostly red heart bracelets and my candy print socks to bring out the candy on the gingerbread men. I added the brown thigh high socks to look more gingerbread man like. I added the red in white gingham bow and the red and white  furry bow to add to the Christmas cute of this. The last thing I added to my outfit was my gingerbread man ring.
The next photo is of gingerbread men in a cookbook. I figured it would be a good idea to show a photo of the dessert this outfit this dessert is based on and I thought this photo was perfect.
The third photo is of the print of the JSK close up so all of you can see it.
The forth photo is of the back of my JSK just because I think it is cute.
The fifth photo is of the cover  of the lovely vintage cookbook I got my gingerbread man photo from. This cookbook can also be seen as a prop in a issue of of both the American and Japanese Gothic and Lolita bible.For those of you here who bake this is one of the best classic cookie cookbooks. This cookbook covers all of your basic classic cookie recipes.
Photo six is of two of my Disney pins with gingerbread men on them. Both of the pins are from Mickeys very merry Christmas party.I figured since this is a Disney related blog and the pins fit in with my them I just had to add them. I hope all you like my dessert themed outfit . Here is the list of the other girls who are in the Lolita blog carnival this week too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tips for surviving the summer in Lolita. weeks Lolita blog carnival really means a lot to seeing as I live in Florida and I have been working on a more Lolita friendly summer wardrobe.My tips for surviving summer in Lolita will be very simple.

1. Fans I think are a must have thing if you are going out in the summer. Fans are perfect to help keep you from melting  and are just pretty.
The pink fan in the front is the one I keep in my purse and the one in the back was bought in China on my first trip to Epcot back in 1982.

2. I like to wear cute flipflops or sandals in the summer because your body loses most of heat in your head and feet. I love wearing cute shoes and my cute socks,but they are not worth fainting over in the summer heat.
This photo is some of my cute more summer friendly shoes.

3.I love to keep my hair pulled back in a bun in the summer to keep my neck a little more cool.

This photo is of a few of the cute things I like to wear when I keep my hair pulled back in a bun.

4.A umbrella is always a good thing for a Lolita to have in summer it is good for the rain and to keep the sun off.
This photo is of my classic Pooh umbrella.

5.You can never drink to much water in the boiling hot summer.
This photo is of my cute reuseable drink cup I bought last valentines day. I carry this cup almost every where I go in the summer.

6.I like to skip wearing blouses with my JSK in the summer and I like to some time wear petty tank tops with lace tops or light cardigans like the one in the photo below .

7. I carry a handkerchief in my purse year round but they are especially usefull in the summer they can be used to wipe off sweat and  they can also be dampened and used to help reduce your heat.
The photo above is of some of my vintage handkerchiefs from the 30's,40's and 50's . Most of the handkerchiefs in this photo  are from my grandmother.

8. Sometimes it is just way to hot to wear real Lolita. When it is to hot for real Lolita and I have to go out I try to at least pick something cute to wear. I like to wear sundresses when it to hot for Lolita.
The sundress that mt mother made me that is folded up to fit in this photo gets a lot of wear by me on very hot days.
9. Footless tights are perfect for summer Lolita wear in my mind. I know some girls go petticoat less in the summer,but in my mind if to hot for a petticoat it is too hot for Lolita.I think footless tights are perfect because they keep you from showing anything and they let you go with out socks and teaparty shoes that would make you hotter.
10.The last things that make summer easier for a Lolita would be  common sense stuff that would be good Lolita or not. I think everyone needs good sunglasses and sunscreen no matter what.
The last thing I would like to say if it is way to hot to be outside then stay inside until it cools off if you can nothing is worth dying of heat stroke over.
 Here is a list of the other girls who are in this weeks Lolita blog carnival.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

more photos

I decided to add A few more photos from Disney I had not added before. The first photo and the second photo are of me at the Magic Kingdoms 40th. My outfit was not Lolita, but it was dress like it's October 1st 1971 day(opening day).  The Disney shirt I'm  was made by my mother using a pattern from 1971 and the characters are from a disc. The first photo is of my and orange bird by the sunshine tree. the second is of my sleeping on the wedway. It was about noon in the second photo and I had been at the park since four that morning .Believe it or not we were not the first ones to get in line to get in that morning.

 Photos three,four and five are of me at the Swan for the royal wedding. I wanted to go to the Grand Floridians dress like a prince or princess event they held  at the weeding gazebo complete with the characters dressed up for the event,but sadly that was booked full. I ended up at the Swan because well it was not full. The event was not as nice or as dressed up formal as the one I wanted to go to,but it was still nice. You can't see in my photos because it still very early,but lots of older ladies came wearing suits and lovely sundresses with huge royal wedding worthy hats. The first photo is of me waiting  for the wedding to start and breakfast to be brought out. The second photo is of me getting breakfast.   Photo three is of me behind the sugar royal jewels the hotel made for the event.     

I will some day when I can find them add the photos of the hotels royal wedding cake and my drinking tea. I guess you can all figure out the the breakfast was British.The event was not the best Disney event I have ever been to, but it was free and they did ask that people come dressed up. I love any event Disney has that almost says flat out please come dressed in Lolita. I would have gone more over the top and put something even fancier but, it was the middle of the night here and I was very sleepy. In case  anyone is wondering Disney does wonderful stuff like this all of the time sadly I just don't have enough time to get dressed up and to go to all of them. I do force myself to make the time to go to the Magic kingdom and EPCOT's  birthdays every five years. ^ .^

Friday, June 7, 2013

In and out of Lolita

 This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival is in and out of Lolita. When I first read what this weeks topic I was blank as to what to write and I could only think of silly things.I was just simply going write something like in Lolita I am dressed out of Lolita I am sleeping or taking a bath.I will say that yes I do run into times where cute won't work,but that is not often.  I know I can't wear it to say like jury duty,but just listing places  I can't wear along with a list of all of the other things I do in my life won't make for fun reading. I  thought to make this fun I would make this a game of opposites. I decided to pick Lolita or Lolita friendly stuff I own and show it next to something that is not Lolita I own. I will say that I think ownership of the stuff that is not Lolita does not make me any more or less of a Lolita.
 The first photo  here is of some Lolita and non Lolita friendly keychains. On the left is a small Shellie May keychain  along with a Alice makeup mirror keychain that looks like a cookie. On the right is a Michael Jackson keychain along with a Startrek Klingon keychain.  

Photo two is of a Lolita shirt with my Avengers shirt.

Photo three is of a pair of my Converse next two a pair of dress shoes.

Photo four is of my MJ Thriller totebag  next to a lovely handbag.

Photo five is  of some old non Lolita jewelry next to some Lolita jewelry.

 Photo six  is a Dragon ball Z action figure next to one of my  Maud Humphrey Bogart figurines.
Photo seven is of  the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death next to A copy of Disney's Cinderella.
Photo eight is of of a Gothic and Lolita Bible next to A mangazine.
Photo nine is of my Speed Racer coffee mug next to my Maud Humphrey Bogart teacup.
Photo ten is of a pair of  chopsticks with Japanese characters on them next to a very cute pair of Hello Kitty chopsticks.
Photo eleven is of a Pirates of the Caribbean book next to a beautiful Disney book about never fairies.
I guess I could keep this game of  opposites up all day but I won't I will just give up and give you the list of links to other girls in this weeks Carnival.