Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I bought on my trip to Tarpon springs and few other things

As I said a would a week or so ago I am going to write about what I bought on my trip. I am also going to write I bought a few other things I have bought lately. I won't lie the trip was kinda boring but, I did find a few nice things in gift shop. Here are the photos of the nice things I found.

 This first photo is of a shell necklace given to me the lady who ran the gift shop because she felt sorry for the fact me and my grandmother were having such a boring trip. I don't normally like shell necklaces like this one but, it is nice for free.  
The second and third photos are of the beautiful new hair clips I bought.

The forth and last photo of stuff I bought on my trip is of a  lovely sundress.
I really was not looking to buy a new sundress when I got this but, it was so pretty and really cheap. I figure wear it as room dress or bathing suit coverup next summer. Now on to my other photos. Before I went to Tarpon springs I gone to Christmas sale at thrift store and bought some lovely new jewelry.
I bought this lovely vintage Christmas tree brooch and matching clip on earrings.

I bought the brooch  and earrings to match a lovely retro Christmas tree skirt print skirt I hope will get made by Christmas. I  bought  I bunch of lovely vintage pearl bracelets just because I love pearls  and good heavy vintage pearls are hard to find.
Lastly I bought two lovely vintage 60's knock off Enid Collins hand bag's.

For those of you who don't know Enid Collins was a very big purse designer in the 1960's. Enid Collins was known for her over the top sometimes silly handbags like the ones in my photos. Enid Collins became so popular in the 60's the knock offs were very common at the time. Today real or fake Enid Collins purses can be worth a lot of money so I am very happy to have the these hand bags. My last photos are of a cheap forever 21  shirt that I thought would be prefect for everyday Lolita wear, a new Bodyline skirt, new Christmas  knee socks and book on pose dolls.

I added my book on pose dolls last because  the next thing I plan on doing when I get some more time is to write about my collection of pose dolls or Bradley dolls as they are  known as here in the states.I hope all of you liked my stuff and this post and will want to read my next post.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What my family thinks of me wearing Lolita

I thought I wouldn't do this weeks Lolita blog carnival ,but After have spent a few days with my grandmother I would. I know some girls will tell stories of having a family that doesn't like Lolita or does not get it. I guess I am lucky I have a mother who loves doing what they call heirloom sewing  and a grandmother who loves Victorian stuff. My family could really careless what I wear as look I look nice and  what I am wearing is appropriate for wear we are going. My family is even nice enough to buy me things they think I would like and they think would go with my Lolita fashion. I have  worn everything from over the top sweet to classic to Gothic and like I said they could careless. I won't lie and say my family is perfect because they are far from it but, at least when it comes to what I like they are very good and for the most part like what I like.Now I will tell you what made me do this weeks post. My grandmother called me the other day and asked would I go with her on a tour she had planned  on going on that my grandfather could not go with her on. I said yes to the trip and ended up on a boring boat trip  to Tarpon springs. Tarpon springs is a cute little Florida town famous for sponge diving/sponge selling and Greek food.Here is a photo of me taken by my grandmother in Tarpon springs.I know the photo is not perfect but, it was late afternoon I was tired and going for a more casual look.
Even though my look was less then perfect my grandmother and everyone else loved what I was wearing. In my next post I will write about what I bought on my trip.  Now here is the list of the other girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.

Friday, November 8, 2013

How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion

I'm not really sure how to start  this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival post. I have loved Lolita like stuff my whole life and I have been into Japanese stuff my whole life too. I could start this with the first time I saw Lolita fashion,but I don't  know when that was because since the  early 80's when someone went on trip to Japan they always brought me back stuff like Sanrio,manga and fashion magazines. Sadly I have lost most if not all of my Japanese magazines from 80's. I do remember seeing a ad for Milk(a brand that gets talked about as early Lolita a lot)   sometime in the mid 80's  because a kid at school said something dumb about the brands name.  I know what I just wrote does not totally answer the question so I am going to try making a timeline of my life that list all the things that I loved and still love that made me end up here as a Lolita.My timeline won't fill in every year of my life or everything I love just some what got me here.
1982 -  That is the  year I first saw and fell in love with Sanrio . 82 is also the year Epcot opened the souvenir I got  was a folding fan from China and I still have it and love it.
1984-1985- at some point in this time my dad took his first business trip to Japan and brought back me and my sister tons of manga,Sanrio,fashion magazines and cute toys.This trip to Japan was what made me fall in love with Japan. I thought the home of Sanrio,Nintendo,anime and manga had to be perfect. Some time around this point Disney's Alice in wonderland came out on video I was already a Disney junkie this video just made me more of one. I had my mother who loves to sew start making me Alice style dresses with aprons at this point.
1989-1990  I spent way to much time watching AMC  at this point and spent a lot of time dreaming about wearing things like  vintage 30's clothing. I also started reading all of my moms books about old Hollywood. My greatgrandmother  sometime in this period gave me set of fake Jackie O style three strand pearls that I wore with everything no matter if they matched or not.I eve.n wore them swimming. I sadly ended up ruining them by over wear and had to toss them. I started my charm bracelet at this point. My mother bought me a bracelet from the early 50's and charm from the 40's to start it for me.
1992-1993 I saw a  large straw sunhat with a big lace ribbon bow on it on a school trip to Bushgardens. I bought the hat and wore it to death even though I don't look good in hats. I thought I looked glamorous like someone out of a 30's movie even though I didn't. I decided at this point I wanted to wear  30's style bathing suits at this point. I never did find one ,but I did find a cute 60's style one that I loved  to death. At this point I started collecting barbies both vintage and modern. I started collecting vintage magazines at this point and spent a lot of falling in love with vintage stuff.The 92-93 time period was also when I got into going to thrift stores to find vintage stuff. 92-93 was when baby doll dresses made a come back and I loved them.
1996-1997 I fell in love with 60's A line dresses at this point. Maryjane's made a comeback and I bought tons of them. I started collecting gloves and handkerchiefs at this point. I sometime in this time period started collecting broaches.
2000-2004 I had collected tons of beautiful and or cute stuff up until this point and I guess at some point in this time I learned what Lolita was and decided  to do a better job of putting my love of cute and or vintage fashion together and became a Lolita. Sometime during this point I decided to start making bentos . I started collecting kimonos at this point too I guess. I bought white bedroom set at this point too. I redid my bathroom in pink and white to look more in keeping with my look at that point.
2010-now My grandparents who had collected tons of  Victorian style stuff  decided to movie to a retirement home and I gained tons of  the pretty stuff they collected. I gained my grandmothers  Maud Humphrey Bogart collection at this point along with her collection of Bradley dolls.
I hope my timeline helped explain how I got into Lolita fashion. Now here are the links for the others girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

3 secrets for someone just getting into Lolita

I will start this weeks post for the Lolita Blog Carnival with saying my 3 tips will be for the new lifestyle Lolita's.
1. While owning a closet full of brand clothing would be nice I don't think most of us could afford one. I will tell you once you have picked what looks good on you and what you like try to find find nice Lolita style clothing outside of brand to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. What do I mean by this? I mean get out and start looking  everywhere from thrift stores to department stores for the stuff to fill in the gaps. I have found lots of lovely vintage stuff for my wardrobe at thrift stores and have even found lovely socks at Dollar Tree.I know some may not like the idea of wearing non brand,but incorporating nice non brand stuff will not only help make it so you don't wear the same clothes every day it will also save you money and make your wardrobe unique to you.
2. Be careful what you buy, if you don't know what quality nice clothes look like  ask for help. I know it maybe hard to ask someone for help,but it's better to ask for help then get wrong and get laughed at later. I know you might want to buy some cheap costume you saw online or in a Halloween, but don't cheap clothes never look good. I don't mean cheap price wise I mean quality wise.I am not saying never go to a Halloween store, or someplace like it. I think you can find nice things anywhere,but I think most of the nice things you would find in a Halloween store would be more like socks  or maybe tights.
3.Don't worry to much about getting it wrong in the start. We all were new once and probably got it wrong a few times. Don't get too mad when someone says you got it all wrong if you get wrong ask what you did wrong and how to fix it.

I know this post maybe a little sloppy ,but I am writing it on the way out the door for a weekend trip. I just had to get in on this weeks post even if it's a little sloppy because I thought it was such a good theme.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

3 trends I could never get into

I just had to get into this weeks Lolita blog carnival. I really was not going to , but then I thought I know # things I can't get into. I will keep this weeks blog short and to the point. I love almost all trends even those I don't wear. The 3 trends I can not get get into are simply ones that don't fit me and do happen to look good or work for other people.
1. wigs -  I like wigs ,but they don't fit into my daily Lolita lifestyle. I like to be able to do my hair fast  and go. I know most people think  wigs are easy ,but the styling and every thing is too much work for daily wear. I think that wigs are sometimes too flashy or over the top sometimes for daily wear.
2. bangs - I know for years that bangs were a must have Lolita thing ,but I don't look good in them. I know I could just buy fake bangs to wear with Lolita ,but seeing as don't look good with bags and this is a daily thing not happening no matter how not Lolita some would say I look.

3. real fur- I know fur has become a popular fall fashion trend in Lolita,but as a vegan(a less then perfect one)  I can't go for it. I will say the fur stuff looks cute and  I think  if you wanna wear it go for it ,but again  I can't go for it.

I know this is only 3 trends but I have 2 more that are not me that I will list.

4. contacts- I know they come in tons of cute colors and styles. I know they make lots of Lolita's look very cute,but they are just too much work for a girl who likes to likes to be able to put a outfit together really fast and just go. I like having my closet and my outfits organized so I can get dressed really fast and just go. Contacts to me are just a few extra moments I could be spending on my hair or makeup as I run out the door.Contacts can also be a little too over the top sometimes for a simple everyday outfit.

5.ball jointed doll tights- I just don't get this trend. I guess it could make some girls look cute,but to me it is creepy. I don't think they look doll like. I think they look like fake legs or some exposed replacement knees. I say I think fake legs and knees are fine for those who really need them, but I will say  again to me the tights are just creepy looking.

I know some of you may find my list silly and wonder  how these things could take to much time or not fit into my daily life, but it is just me and I am sure most of my list works very well for girls other then me. Here is the list of the other girls in this weeks Lolita blog carnival.


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A peek inside my purse

For this weeks Lolita blog carnival  you are all going to get to see what is in my purse. I will fore warn you I carry a lot of stuff in my purse.I am one of those people who can't stand being stuck with out  stuff. I don't think it is cute to carry a small purse then whine because you say have a hang nail and need nail clippers. I think not having things you need is just silly. I would rather carry to much then be lacking something. Now on to what is in my purse.

1. my purse right now is just a simple cute cheap Bodyline  purse.
2. This is my Hello Kitty cellphone case.

3. This is my vintage Captain EO  button that goes on every purse no matter if it matches or not.

4. My cute Shelly may and Duffy key chains.

5. My Alice cookie key chain.

6. My cute cheap pink cellphone.

7. My new Alice in wonderland  themed Makeup bag that I just bought at Japan in EPCOT the other day. I like to keep all of my stuff in gags so they don't get lost in my purse. you are going to see a few more after this one.

8. White rabbit cookie key chain ,HK  cough drops, HK flash drive.

9. HK and vintage handkerchief.

10. Keroppi folding brush.

11. Mini deck of cards from Disney and Hand sanitizer.

12. wallet

13. Folding fan with case and chopsticks.

14. Sunglasses and case.

15. HK angel bag with Tide pin, Disney pirate and HK scrunchies and tampons that I did not feel photo worthy.

16.My lip gloss and lipstick the bag that is holding it was gift from a friend.

18. Candy for when any of my Diabetic  friends or family members blood sugar drops.

19. Chococat pill box and Coke girl purse mirror.

20.  Yoshi and Toad spare DS stylus , Badtz Maru nail clippers, LED windup flashlight and dental floss.

21. My Fort Wilderness flashlight key chain with key with HK key cap.

22. A collection of DS and 3DS games.

23. HK and Pochacco reusable store bags.

24. Mr. bears dream bag with my Disney trading pins in it.

25. Little Twin Stars organizer.

26. Pochacco eraser.

27. HK bandaid holder.

28 . HK bunny pen and Pump Pump Pig mechanical pencil.

29. Badtz Maru friendship cards( for handing out like business cards to people  who you want to give your info to) and Badtz Maru nail file.

I am finally to the end of whats in my purse. I hope all of you like the peek inside now here are the links of the other girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.  

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My photos from Maine

The first two photos are me picking blue berries. Blue berries grow like weeds in Maine and they have so many that just let people pick them. Photo three is of me on top of Cadillac mountain being silly and sticking my tongue out.Cadillac mountain is one of the only mountains in Maine. Photo four is of  me waiting on my afternoon tea at Jordan pound house. Yes I know I have a glass of iced tea in front of me in that photo. I had blue berry iced tea while waiting for the the afternoon tea to come out. Jordan pond house is a old house that has been converted in to a restaurant by the national park service .     Photos five and six are of me at Thunder hole. Thunder hole is a spot on the island of Bar harbor that when the waves crash in to the rocks its sounds kinda like thunder.  I know my Lolita look is not perfect in these photos,but I think they are pretty good considering I was camping.I would say more about my trip ,but I'm still very tired from my trip.