Friday, June 21, 2013

Create a coord based on a dessert.

This weeks Lolita blog carnival is to make a outfit based on a dessert.When I first thought of this I was going to go with strawberry shortcake. I changed my mind on my theme because i thought that would be a easy idea that would get used a lot seeing as strawberries  are used so much in Lolita.My second idea the one I am using came to me searching through my closet for ideas. The idea that one out is gingerbread men. I picked gingerbread men because I have a wonderful Christmas outfit made by my mother using gingerbread men print fabric and because I didn't think my theme would get a lot of use. The first photo here is of the whole outfit put together minus shoes.I picked a white blouse to go with the JSK and its underskirt because I thought it was cute. I picked the red necklace with the gold heart,the mostly red heart bracelets and my candy print socks to bring out the candy on the gingerbread men. I added the brown thigh high socks to look more gingerbread man like. I added the red in white gingham bow and the red and white  furry bow to add to the Christmas cute of this. The last thing I added to my outfit was my gingerbread man ring.
The next photo is of gingerbread men in a cookbook. I figured it would be a good idea to show a photo of the dessert this outfit this dessert is based on and I thought this photo was perfect.
The third photo is of the print of the JSK close up so all of you can see it.
The forth photo is of the back of my JSK just because I think it is cute.
The fifth photo is of the cover  of the lovely vintage cookbook I got my gingerbread man photo from. This cookbook can also be seen as a prop in a issue of of both the American and Japanese Gothic and Lolita bible.For those of you here who bake this is one of the best classic cookie cookbooks. This cookbook covers all of your basic classic cookie recipes.
Photo six is of two of my Disney pins with gingerbread men on them. Both of the pins are from Mickeys very merry Christmas party.I figured since this is a Disney related blog and the pins fit in with my them I just had to add them. I hope all you like my dessert themed outfit . Here is the list of the other girls who are in the Lolita blog carnival this week too.