Saturday, June 1, 2013

My most recent wardrobe addition

This weeks Lolita blog carnival works really well for me since I am still working on my new  Lolita summer friendly wardrobe. I don't have lots to add right now sadly because I posted most of my new clothes the other day and because my stuff from Macy's has not come yet.  I do have a few new things  I have not posted yet and that is what I will add here.

The first photo is of some very cute pink and white striped shorts. I know they are not Lolita but, they have a very cute vintage look and I think will look very cute with a Lolita shirt. The shorts are for my camping trip to Maine this month. I can't very well wear full Lolita camping . I needed some cute wearable Lolita like stuff  and I think this will work along with my other shorts I am waiting for from Macy's. The second photo is of a very cute floral prints dress . the third photo is what I plan on wearing with my floral print dress. I know it won't be a perfect Lolita look ,but I do think it will be perfect for my new summer Lolita like look Photo three is of my cute new Hello Kitty skirt . I know it not really Lolita ,but it does look very cute with hime and fairy kei stuff.  Photo  five is of my new watermelon look bathing suit.  I know swimming is not Lolita at all ,but I am from Florida and am not going to give up swimming for Lolita. I try very hard to pick Lolita friendly bathing suits when I buy them hopefully this works.
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