Friday, May 24, 2013

A pair of lovely new summer flip flops that did not make my last post and a new DS game.

 I have now idea why my new lovely flip flops did not end up in my last post ,but here they are now. I know they are not Lolita ,but to me they look like if  real summer friendly Lolita existed these flip flops would fit right in.  I have also added in a photo of a new very cute Sanrio DS game I bought to play on my trip to Maine that I will be going on a few weeks after my trip to Disney. Hopefully I can keep myself from playing it before then.  


some of my new summer wardrobe

I know nothing I bought so far is Lolita perfect ,but is very cute and hopefully will look Lolita like when  I wear it. This is all just the start.  I have some very cute stuff coming in the mail from Macy's in the next few days. I am sorry for the mess in the photos ,but I am kind of in the middle going going though my closet to see what else I have . I am the kind of person who can mess a huge mess out of my room  just for something as simple as this. I know of it quite goes together yet,but it will all work when I am done. Photo one is a new pair of tights.  Photo two and three are lace shirts. IN photo two and three I have a towel under the shirts to show the lace.Photo four is a Bodyline skirt. Photo six is a floral pair of seven is of a new Hello kitty ring. Photo seven is of my new wallet. Photo eight is of a red n' black bow print skirt. Photo nine is of pink n' white cork wedge sandals. Photo ten is of  is of a red n' white polka dot sundress. Photo elven is of a floral print shirt. Photo twelve is of a white lacy shirt that ties in the front. Photo thirteen is of a black 'n white
shirt that ties in the front.Photo fourteen is of a Hello kitty shirt.  I know some will scream this is not Lolita like at all , but I have just started and I will work it all out so it will at least look Hime Lolita like. 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

thinking of a new summer wardrobe

I would love to wear full Lolita all summer long,but I live in Florida and it way to hot for that. I working right now on building a  collection  of lovely Lolita like summer outfits that I can wear without fainting in this heat. I know some Lolitas will not like what I am doing,but I think sweating,fainting and being sick are more unlolita then what I am doing. I know what I end up with won't be perfect,but it will beat sweating like a pig and fainting. I am going camping at Fortwilderness the end of the month and I guess that means a few trips to the parks. Hopefully I won't get called ita by some Lolita crazy enough to try to wear full Lolita in the heat. I will post my best Lolita friendly finds here when I get them before my trip. I hope some of what I find will help other lifestyle Lolitas who are trying to figure out what to wear this summer with out burning up.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The non Lolita style I have a fallen in love with

This weeks Lolita blog carnival is going to be easy. The non Lolita style I have fallen in love with is kimono and yukata. I would not say these are something I have just fallen in love with . I have loved kimonos and yukatas most of my life. I love everything about kimonos and yukatas from the fabric patterns to the accessories.I have always thought kimonos and even the more simple yukata just look so graceful and ladylike. When I was kid I used to love to read books about kimonos and geisha. I have always thought the idea of being a geisha girl and getting to wear over the top beautiful kimonos just seems so wonderful. I have a few very beautiful kimonos ,yukatas  and very beautiful  accessories siting in my closet. Sadly my kimonos and yakutas don't get much wear outside of my house. I worn a few of my kimonos out before,but I have only worn them on very short shopping trips.I have always wanted be able to wear kimono full time,but I can't because don't live in Japan. I would add photos of some of my stuff ,but kimonos are a bit hard to photograph.I have decided instead to just add some kimono photos  of Minnie sticking to my Disney blog theme.  

I hope all of you who read this blog post like it. Here is a list of links to the other girls participating in this weeks Lolita blog carnival.

  photo 545430_945698161629_573562109_n.jpg

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Things I used to think differently about when I first started Lolita vs. now

I am going to try and tackle this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival question. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and I really don't know what to say. I have always liked Lolita like stuff even before the word Lolita was what it was called. I figure since my blog is about Lolita and Disney  and I have no idea what to say I will  write about how Lolita at Disney has changed in the past ten years. Ten years ago while Disney has always sold very nice stuff They sold next to nothing Lolita friendly. A lot has changed in the last ten years . Ten years ago you almost never saw a Lolita at Disney and if you did she was almost always from Japan. Ten years  Disney's high end  clothing store Trend d did not exist. I remember the day it opened they were selling selling copies of  that book called Fruits about Japanese fashion. I remember that for some girls  that book at that time it was as close a to Gothic and Lolita bible as they could get. Ten years ago Disney did not have princess makeup line for adults yet. Ten years ago Disney did not sell Lolita friendly stuff like Minnie mouse ear hoodies  for adults. Ten years ago Disney was  not trying out ideas like the Pirate Princess Parties and telling people of all ages to get dressed up. Ten years ago Disney had not made that new Alice in wonderland  movie yet. Ten years ago Disney parks  did not sell as much Alice in wonderland stuff as they do now. Ten years ago Disney did not have a new perfect for Lolita photos Fantasyland yet.   Ten years ago the only Lolita friendly stuff you would have found  in Epcot's Japan  would have been in the Sanrio section. Things have really changed for the better  in the last ten years.I now have friends who are castmembers telling me all of the time about Lolitas they have seen in the parks and I even see them sometimes myself in the parks.I thought I would end this with a few photos that show a little bit of the change at Disney.  The first two photos are postcards that were bought for me by a friend from japan at Epcot about two years ago . The third photo is of my my guide maps for the Pirate Princess parties. The forth photo is of the back of map close up.

I don't know how well I did answering this question,but hopefully my answer works. I know my answer is not perfectly in keeping with the question ,but hopefully next weeks question will be one I can better think of a answer for.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a very large collection of random old photos

I found these old photos while looking for something else and I thought I would share them.
This first photo is of the monorail stopped in the middle of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.The monorail normally does not do that that is why I took the photo.
The second  and third photos are of Orange Bird and Brer rabbit with a cupcake from over at the studios(MGM).

This forth photo was of me at the Magic Kingdom on a very hot fall afternoon before Halloween. I know my look is not very Lolita,but it is boiling hot out and I would have been crazy to worn full Lolita that day.   Photo five is of some bentos I made. I love making them for people they are just so  cute. I have been thinking  of getting out my Disney cookbooks and doing some for the blog using Disney recipes.

Photo six is from a stay at cabin at Fort wilderness one year for my birthday. I love how the maids make such cute things out of wash cloths.

Photo seven is of a themed breakfast I did one morning for my brother in law before he left for work.The sign for those of you who can't read says breakfast and Captain EO.

I hope all of you like these old photos.  Maybe one day I will turn up some even better photos to post here.

very happy

I am so very happy right now!! I have been accepted to join the Lolita blog carnival. I just have to get my act together now and start blogging more.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

jewelry and clothing photos plus my new petticoat

 I normally don't just sit around photographing my room but, I decided  today since  I have seen tons of jewelry and clothing photos on other peoples blogs why not add a few to my blog. The first photo is the mirror I like to keep the necklaces I like to look at on  .    In  the first photo you can also see a bit of my collection of jewelry boxes, my classic pooh umbrella to the left,  and  bit of my closet with Barbies on the top shelve to the right . The second photo is of some of  my Lolita clothes out of my closet. This is not all of clothes just what I grabbed for the photo. I did not photograph my closet because I think my clothes photograph better out of it. In this photo you can also see some of my Disney video and vintage Disney collection above the clothes. You can also see one of my Bradley dolls on the right side of the photo. The last photo is of of pink Stitch wearing my new pink petticoat I got today. I bought the new petticoat to wear to a Victorian themed tea party  I have been invited to go to next month. Hopefully I will get tons of good photos  to post here of it.