Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a very large collection of random old photos

I found these old photos while looking for something else and I thought I would share them.
This first photo is of the monorail stopped in the middle of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.The monorail normally does not do that that is why I took the photo.
The second  and third photos are of Orange Bird and Brer rabbit with a cupcake from over at the studios(MGM).

This forth photo was of me at the Magic Kingdom on a very hot fall afternoon before Halloween. I know my look is not very Lolita,but it is boiling hot out and I would have been crazy to worn full Lolita that day.   Photo five is of some bentos I made. I love making them for people they are just so  cute. I have been thinking  of getting out my Disney cookbooks and doing some for the blog using Disney recipes.

Photo six is from a stay at cabin at Fort wilderness one year for my birthday. I love how the maids make such cute things out of wash cloths.

Photo seven is of a themed breakfast I did one morning for my brother in law before he left for work.The sign for those of you who can't read says breakfast and Captain EO.

I hope all of you like these old photos.  Maybe one day I will turn up some even better photos to post here.

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