Friday, May 24, 2013

some of my new summer wardrobe

I know nothing I bought so far is Lolita perfect ,but is very cute and hopefully will look Lolita like when  I wear it. This is all just the start.  I have some very cute stuff coming in the mail from Macy's in the next few days. I am sorry for the mess in the photos ,but I am kind of in the middle going going though my closet to see what else I have . I am the kind of person who can mess a huge mess out of my room  just for something as simple as this. I know of it quite goes together yet,but it will all work when I am done. Photo one is a new pair of tights.  Photo two and three are lace shirts. IN photo two and three I have a towel under the shirts to show the lace.Photo four is a Bodyline skirt. Photo six is a floral pair of seven is of a new Hello kitty ring. Photo seven is of my new wallet. Photo eight is of a red n' black bow print skirt. Photo nine is of pink n' white cork wedge sandals. Photo ten is of  is of a red n' white polka dot sundress. Photo elven is of a floral print shirt. Photo twelve is of a white lacy shirt that ties in the front. Photo thirteen is of a black 'n white
shirt that ties in the front.Photo fourteen is of a Hello kitty shirt.  I know some will scream this is not Lolita like at all , but I have just started and I will work it all out so it will at least look Hime Lolita like. 



  1. OMG, I want those tights! Where did you get them? *___*

    1. I'm glad you like the tights ,but I sadly have no idea where to tell you to get them being they were an Ebay find.