Thursday, May 23, 2013

thinking of a new summer wardrobe

I would love to wear full Lolita all summer long,but I live in Florida and it way to hot for that. I working right now on building a  collection  of lovely Lolita like summer outfits that I can wear without fainting in this heat. I know some Lolitas will not like what I am doing,but I think sweating,fainting and being sick are more unlolita then what I am doing. I know what I end up with won't be perfect,but it will beat sweating like a pig and fainting. I am going camping at Fortwilderness the end of the month and I guess that means a few trips to the parks. Hopefully I won't get called ita by some Lolita crazy enough to try to wear full Lolita in the heat. I will post my best Lolita friendly finds here when I get them before my trip. I hope some of what I find will help other lifestyle Lolitas who are trying to figure out what to wear this summer with out burning up.

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