Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope all of you are having A good fall so far. I have added my only Disney Halloween related photos for this year. Sadly I don't have the time to go to Mickey's not so scary Halloween this year. The first photo is of me at Downtown  Disney before I went to see a preview of the new adorable Tinker Bell movie. I know the photo is not very Lolita, but it was much to early to think of something  better to wear.In this less than perfect photo you can kinda see my new adorable Hello kitty Halloween shirt. 

In the second photo here you can see the totally cute cell phone charm set with Tink and her sister on them that they gave away at the movie.I also have a movie poster that they gave away with the charms ,but I'm not going to add it because it is the same as the back round of the charms.
Photo three  was taken a few nights later again at Downtown Disney. I know this photo again is not very Lolita ,but I had just spent the day doing things  my cousins who were on vacation had never done before like a air boat ride. Air boat rides are not very Lolita friendly things to do.
The last  photo is of a window display I saw when leaving.I totally loved all of the costumes that displayed in all of the windows ,but this Lolita like pirate costume for teenage girls was just too adorable. This costume was so cute that if I wore store bought costumes I would have bought it. I love the fact that the Lolita has become popular enough that you can find tons of Lolita and Lolita like stuff at Disney now if your willing to hunt for it. I can't wait until December and the new Fantasyland opens . I can't wait to buy some of the new beautiful stuff I have seen I have seen online. Hopefully I can get a new Fantasyland   appropriate outfit ready by then. Whether I do or don't come up with a outfit hopefully I will have tons of photos to add here.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

All of the stuff we bought at EPCOT's 30th

I am only posting photos of the stuff we bought or were given  because we have not gotten around to uploading and editing them yet. We did not buy everything they had just a good chunk of it.

 This was my lanyard given to me by the Celebration 30 group.

 EPCOT's 30th lanyard. The lanyard is Spaceship earth  print on one side and retro Futureworld print on the other.

  EPCOT 30th pin and patch set. I personally think the patch is a little bit silly ,but we love pins so we had to get it.

  EPCOT 30th trading metal and pin set.   The trading metal is a copy of a old EPCOT one day ticket and the pin  has all of the old Future world ride logos on it.

EPCOT 30th Figment  pin. Figment was done on this pin to look like he was on a  early 80's computer.

 EPCOT 30th day of pin.

 Epcot 30th pin and button combo. This pin is also a button. I think this is the first time Disney has made a pin like this.

 Another EPCOT 30th pin. This time its a flip up up pin  of Mickey and the gang watching illuminations the pin closed  is spaceship earth.

 EPCOT 30th mystery pin set. I am not normally big in to blind  boxed stuff  ,but this was too cool to pass up. As you can tell we are a few pins short of a set so we will be going back at Christmas time to buy the missing ones.

 My Brother in law and Sisters 30th shirts. Sadly they sold out of day of shirts in my size. The only day of shirts they had left that were small enough  for me were the orange kids sized Figment ones. As much as I love Figment I don't look very good in orange.

My button and guide map I was given as soon as we walked in. I love how Disney gives buttons for events like this.

 The last thing I am adding  our very cute food and wine festival pins that we bought at the 30th. The first one in Mickey in a cranberry bog and the second is the ever cute Duffy as baker.

Hopefully in the next week or so I will get our photos up and I will at least  get my sisters film of the 30th fireworks posted.  Oh one last thing I forgotten all of the 30th pins cards backs are a copy of the art that was on the opening day tickets.