Monday, December 29, 2014

Very busy

I have been way to busy to  write anything regularly in long while. What has made me so busy is my sister had a  sweet baby boy back in May and I have been doing a lot of babysitting. I have been babysitting when I can so my sister can go back to work.Watching my nephew does not mean I have given up on lolita.  I still love lolita and still wear it all of the time I just don't have the time to upload my photos as much. I will continue to write here and upload my photos when I get some now very rare free time like today. Here are a collection of photos of  some of what I have done the past few months. The first photos are of some time back in the spring of tea party I went to.  I know the photos of what I wore are less then prefect, but  it was rainy out and the person taking the photos was not used to a 3ds.

The next photo  is from my second trip to afternoon tea  at the Corner Rose Tea Room. The photo was edited by my sister.
 The next photo is of my trip to Mickey's not so scary Halloween.  I would add more photos but it rained all night so most of our photos after this one are us soaking wet. In the photo besides me are my sister,bother in law  as prisoners and the baby as a cop.
 The last photos I will add are from Mickeys very merry Christmas party.   
 I hope all of you like the photos I have uploaded and hopefully I will get the time to add some more soon.   


  1. very cute outfit. aww I know how busy babysitting can be, Ive been babysitting my baby niece too. she's born in June :)
    lets follow eachother! Following you now, hope you will follow back :)


  2. nice blog, follow for follow?