Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My new Figment necklace.

I just had to share this. This afternoon a vintage Figment figurine I bought came in the mail. As soon as i got it out of the box I turned it into a necklace to wear to EPCOT's 30th. I thought since turning figurines into necklaces these days is popular and he is from 1982 he would be perfect for my as I am calling my early 80's Lolita look. The look in case anyone is wondering is based on the popular in 1982  Little house on the prairie look and the the early 80's love of candy colored stuff. I will add photos of my outfit after the event along with the rest of my photos from the event.

Friday, September 14, 2012

playing around with the blog

Right now I am playing around with new wallpaper for the blog. I like the new  pale pink chintz print I picked for the moment, but I was really hoping to find a pretty Disney print. I don't think I will find the Disney print I am looking for so I think it will stay the chintz until I get around to making a Disney wallpaper I like. I do like the fact that this wallpaper for some reason makes me think of the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom .

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My birthday at Disney

These are some of the photos from my birthday at the Magic Kingdom. This was one of the first photos of the day. I just had to go see Merida and the 3 bears. You can't see it in the photo,but the 3 bears move around.
 The second photo of the day. I had my photo taken with Princess Tiana because she had no she had no line. I got tons of photos with characters because it was rainy most of the day and the park was fairly empty.

 Prince Eric and Princess  Ariel.
 In the rain in front of the new Sunshine tree. I love that Orange bird has returned. 
 Still in the rain with my new Orange bird cup.
 In Tomorrowland With Buzz.
 Still in Tomorrowland with Chip and Dale.
 Waiting to ride the new Dumbo. I love the new circus themed waiting area. I have to say the new Dumbo line is the best looking line/waiting area I have seen at Disney. Maybe some other day I will post some photos of it.
 On the new dumbo.
 Meeting the White Rabbit.
 I ate lunch at the Liberty Tree  because  it was my birthday I got a brownie.I also bought the glass in the photo to add to my  collection. Maybe some day I add photos of the other glasses like I have collected  over the years.
 Waiting in line to see pooh and tigger.
 Tigger and Pooh.
 Back over by Dumbo  sitting  in the new Dumbo they have out just for photos over by the new ride.
 Meeting Mickey and Minnie.
 Princess Aurora
 Princess Belle.
 Princess Cinderella.
On Main Street at the end of the day. Yes my purse is in a bag I did that to keep from getting rained on. All of the photos in this post were taken by my sister with my new camera I got for my birthday. The pink Minnie ears in all of the photos were a birthday gift from a friend.  I have to say it was a almost perfect Birthday. I love rain, I love good food,I love characters,I love the rides  and I love any day that the crowds are low enough that I can fit it all in one day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

old disney photos

The first photo here is of me with some very cute Japanese girls I met at Mickey's not so scary Halloween the year before last. My Halloween print out fit in the photo was made for me by my mother. My mother makes almost all of the cute lolita outfits I wear and all of the costumes me ,my sister and her husband wear.
This photo is from EPCOT's 25th .I just had to have my photo taken  with the robot from Horizons  in the EPCOT  25th museum because I totally  love Horizons. I am adding this photo because in a few weeks I am going to EPCOT's 30th.

This photo is of me at Christmas time in EPCOT. This outfit like most of my others was made for me by my mother.
This photo is of me with Jack Sparrow  at the Pirate Princess party. the Pirate Princess themed costume was made for me by my mother.
My last photo I am going to add today. This photo  was taken of me in front of Cinderellas castle at the Pirate Princess party.

not posting nearly enough

I know I need to post more to make it worth it, but I have been a little to busy to keep up with it lately. I am very sorry  if anyone has emailed me or anything else and I have not gotten back to you. I will get better about responding to stuff like that when I get more time.  I  have tons of photos of my trip to the magic kingdom for my birthday that I need to post. Hopefully I will  get around to posting them this week.