Monday, December 29, 2014

Very busy

I have been way to busy to  write anything regularly in long while. What has made me so busy is my sister had a  sweet baby boy back in May and I have been doing a lot of babysitting. I have been babysitting when I can so my sister can go back to work.Watching my nephew does not mean I have given up on lolita.  I still love lolita and still wear it all of the time I just don't have the time to upload my photos as much. I will continue to write here and upload my photos when I get some now very rare free time like today. Here are a collection of photos of  some of what I have done the past few months. The first photos are of some time back in the spring of tea party I went to.  I know the photos of what I wore are less then prefect, but  it was rainy out and the person taking the photos was not used to a 3ds.

The next photo  is from my second trip to afternoon tea  at the Corner Rose Tea Room. The photo was edited by my sister.
 The next photo is of my trip to Mickey's not so scary Halloween.  I would add more photos but it rained all night so most of our photos after this one are us soaking wet. In the photo besides me are my sister,bother in law  as prisoners and the baby as a cop.
 The last photos I will add are from Mickeys very merry Christmas party.   
 I hope all of you like the photos I have uploaded and hopefully I will get the time to add some more soon.   

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Contest over at Beauty & Destroy

Shiki over at the Jrock fashion blog Beauty & Destroy is having a wonderful contest to win some lovely prizes.I think anyone here who loves Japanese fashion should go read her very good blog and enter her contest.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival - A coord based on a type of bird

I decided I had to get in on this weeks Lolita blog carnival because it would give me the chance to put a idea I have had for a long time to use. I have wanted to do a coord based on Disney's Florida Orange Bird  for a really long time . I know Orange Bird is not a real bird ,but I thought a fake bird could count in this. Here is what Orange bird look's like
  and here  are my outfit idea photos.

For my outfit idea I went with something simple and very summer friendly. It is really way too hot here in Florida to wear a perfect Lolita outfit. My outfit is really more inspired by Orange Bird then a real copy of his look. Here is a run down of my outfit. The shirt is a newer shirt from Disney. The JSK is Bodyline. I picked the musical note themed JSK to go with the sour musical notes Orange bird tries to sing. The orange footless tights picked to go with Orange Bird's main color are from Macy's. The yellow  flipflops picked to match his chest and beak are from Old Navy. The floral print hand bag that made me think of a orange tree in bloom is vintage. The Orange Bird hanging off the purse is a vintage necklace from the 70's. The white bow head band just picked because it worked with the outfit is from Dollar Tree. My leafy green nail polish for my fingers and toes that I picked to go with Orange Bird's leaf wings and leaf hair is Sally Hansen. The vintage 70's Orange bird bank was picked because no Orange Bird outfit would be complete with our him. The vintage 70's album was added to show his sour notes and for his theme song. I hope all of you liked my outfit idea  and I hope all of you will like the outfit ideas of the other girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.


The Literary Lolita

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Disney coordinates

I am sorry for getting in a little late to this weeks Lolita blog carnival ,but I just got around to reading this weeks theme. I had to join this weeks Lolita blog carnival this week seeing as the theme is Disney and I love Disney. This week is going to be really simple I am just going to add a  photo from when I went to 24 hours of Disney in my Minnie mouse themed outfit.
Here is a photo of me at 24 hours of Disney wearing of Disney wearing a outfit my mother made for me . The skirt in outfit was made to look sort like a Angelic Pretty skirt I liked a few years ago and the top mas made because my mother had leftover fabric.Thanks to my mother making the top to match the skirt I kind of ended up with a Minnie mouse outfit with out even asking for one. The Minnie ears that are falling down a bit in this photo are really baby hair clips that my sister found for me a few years ago at Disney. The pearls with a black heart that you can't see to well in the photo was made by me . The purse that does not match is Sanrio. I am also wearing matching polka dot over the knee socks  and pink high top Converse(for comfort even though they are not Lolita). The next time I wear this outfit I would swap out my purse for this one
and my shoes for these.
I would have to say this is about the fastest Lolita Blog carnival I have ever done. I hope all of you like my idea. Here are the links to all of the other girls in this weeks Lolita blog carnival. I bet they all had even better ideas then mine so you might want to check them all out.   

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Monday, April 21, 2014

A belated happy Easter to everyone!!

I am still very tired from a very long wonderful Easter Sunday with my family. I won't post much I will get around to all of that when I am less tired. I just had to post one thing here that I just thought was too cute. Easter southern belles at Disney  
  Every year for Easter Disney brings in Azalea Trail Maids for the Easter parade and for photos with guest before the parade. Some year if I skip Easter with my family I think I will have to go see this.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My photos of what I bought after the tea party

The first 3 photos are of my thrift store finds. The Disney videos in the third photo were ten for a dollar so I could not pass up adding them to my Disney video collection.

The last two photos  are from the day after the tea. The first photo is  of a necklace I bought at a K mart that is closing.The editing in that photo is from my playing around with a new photo editing program  I bought for my 3DS. The last photo is of some cute Japanese candy I bought from a new huge candy store in downtown Winter park that I went to buy Valentines candy and ended up doing some shopping for me too.  I am sorry I have been a little slow updating things. I have had a sinus infection this past week and that slowed me down. Hopefully I am over being sick  and I can get back to posting more.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day!!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Valentines day and have been given wonderful gifts from those who love you most. My Valentines got an early start this year. This year I got invited to go to an early Valentines afternoon tea. Here are my photos of the tea.

Most of the photos are just of the inside of the tea room and the lovely mixed china on the tables. I had to add a few photos of the wonderful food. The hats in the photos minus the one I am wearing are vintage  from the 1930's  for anybody who came without a  hat to wear. The photo with the blue award in it is one they were given by Disney in 1985 and since I love Disney  I just had to add it. In the second to last photo you will see a brochure for the tea  and if you can't read it it it says the tea is to raise money for the Russell home. The Russell home is the oldest group home in Florida it is well known for the fact it has never taken government money to run the place. The last photo is of me . I know it is not the best photo ever and socks look like they don't match(even though they did in person). I know my petticoat looks a little flat(even though it was not).  I know I won't win any Lolita awards for the outfit and sure it can be picked apart even more the I just did ,but I liked it anyway and every one there loved it. A few people at the tea took photos of me because they thought I was so cute. A lady who worked the tea asked if she could use my photo to advertise the tea. I think that was very sweet, but I hope they don't. After the tea I went to the Russell home's thrift store and bought a few things. The girl who rang me up loved my " steam punk" look.  I went to one thrift store after that one that had to almost ruin my day. When I walked in a girl said she loved my Lolita outfit and said no one else would and she was right. I spent the hour or so I was in the store being followed and had people wondering out loud why I was dressed like a freak. Non of this bothered me too much I think that stuff is kinda funny. I know some people got madder when I laughed at their looks of horror. I guess I had to get a real public dissing sooner or later like most other Lolitas get. I guess I have been lucky so far that I don't normally shop the kind of places that would be freaked out by me. In my next post I will post what I bought plus what got for Valentines day and hopefully in few weeks I will get to go to tea again for my sisters birthday.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new petticoats.

I am so happy my new petticoats came in the mail yesterday.I don't know why I am so happy. I don't normally go quite so crazy over something as simple as a petticoat but with these I am. As soon as I got the box open yesterday I had to try the petticoats on and bounce around  like I was a bunny or something.

Both of the petticoats are Malco Modes and are super huge. The dark blue one is my fave I love the fact it could knock over just about anything. I never thought I could love the idea of knocking things down but this petticoat changed that. I am sure I over when I do more then just knock down my own things in it I love the fact the petticoats are a little longer then normal so I finally have petticoats that are perfect for my longer skirts and dresses. I never liked the fact that my normal petticoats are slightly too short  for my longer stuff. I can not wait to get the chance to wear one of the petticoats to Disney and bounce around. Now that I have written this I think I am going to try and talk someone in to going to Disney so I can wear one of these.