Monday, February 24, 2014

My photos of what I bought after the tea party

The first 3 photos are of my thrift store finds. The Disney videos in the third photo were ten for a dollar so I could not pass up adding them to my Disney video collection.

The last two photos  are from the day after the tea. The first photo is  of a necklace I bought at a K mart that is closing.The editing in that photo is from my playing around with a new photo editing program  I bought for my 3DS. The last photo is of some cute Japanese candy I bought from a new huge candy store in downtown Winter park that I went to buy Valentines candy and ended up doing some shopping for me too.  I am sorry I have been a little slow updating things. I have had a sinus infection this past week and that slowed me down. Hopefully I am over being sick  and I can get back to posting more.

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