Saturday, August 24, 2013

A peek inside my purse

For this weeks Lolita blog carnival  you are all going to get to see what is in my purse. I will fore warn you I carry a lot of stuff in my purse.I am one of those people who can't stand being stuck with out  stuff. I don't think it is cute to carry a small purse then whine because you say have a hang nail and need nail clippers. I think not having things you need is just silly. I would rather carry to much then be lacking something. Now on to what is in my purse.

1. my purse right now is just a simple cute cheap Bodyline  purse.
2. This is my Hello Kitty cellphone case.

3. This is my vintage Captain EO  button that goes on every purse no matter if it matches or not.

4. My cute Shelly may and Duffy key chains.

5. My Alice cookie key chain.

6. My cute cheap pink cellphone.

7. My new Alice in wonderland  themed Makeup bag that I just bought at Japan in EPCOT the other day. I like to keep all of my stuff in gags so they don't get lost in my purse. you are going to see a few more after this one.

8. White rabbit cookie key chain ,HK  cough drops, HK flash drive.

9. HK and vintage handkerchief.

10. Keroppi folding brush.

11. Mini deck of cards from Disney and Hand sanitizer.

12. wallet

13. Folding fan with case and chopsticks.

14. Sunglasses and case.

15. HK angel bag with Tide pin, Disney pirate and HK scrunchies and tampons that I did not feel photo worthy.

16.My lip gloss and lipstick the bag that is holding it was gift from a friend.

18. Candy for when any of my Diabetic  friends or family members blood sugar drops.

19. Chococat pill box and Coke girl purse mirror.

20.  Yoshi and Toad spare DS stylus , Badtz Maru nail clippers, LED windup flashlight and dental floss.

21. My Fort Wilderness flashlight key chain with key with HK key cap.

22. A collection of DS and 3DS games.

23. HK and Pochacco reusable store bags.

24. Mr. bears dream bag with my Disney trading pins in it.

25. Little Twin Stars organizer.

26. Pochacco eraser.

27. HK bandaid holder.

28 . HK bunny pen and Pump Pump Pig mechanical pencil.

29. Badtz Maru friendship cards( for handing out like business cards to people  who you want to give your info to) and Badtz Maru nail file.

I am finally to the end of whats in my purse. I hope all of you like the peek inside now here are the links of the other girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.  

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