Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My photos from Maine

The first two photos are me picking blue berries. Blue berries grow like weeds in Maine and they have so many that just let people pick them. Photo three is of me on top of Cadillac mountain being silly and sticking my tongue out.Cadillac mountain is one of the only mountains in Maine. Photo four is of  me waiting on my afternoon tea at Jordan pound house. Yes I know I have a glass of iced tea in front of me in that photo. I had blue berry iced tea while waiting for the the afternoon tea to come out. Jordan pond house is a old house that has been converted in to a restaurant by the national park service .     Photos five and six are of me at Thunder hole. Thunder hole is a spot on the island of Bar harbor that when the waves crash in to the rocks its sounds kinda like thunder.  I know my Lolita look is not perfect in these photos,but I think they are pretty good considering I was camping.I would say more about my trip ,but I'm still very tired from my trip.


  1. Beautiful skirt <3

    bai, Shiki


  2. I had exactly the same skirt as your pink one ;) But I already sold it :S

  3. Hopefully with the sale of your old skirt you got to buy something even nicer. ^.^