Friday, May 9, 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Disney coordinates

I am sorry for getting in a little late to this weeks Lolita blog carnival ,but I just got around to reading this weeks theme. I had to join this weeks Lolita blog carnival this week seeing as the theme is Disney and I love Disney. This week is going to be really simple I am just going to add a  photo from when I went to 24 hours of Disney in my Minnie mouse themed outfit.
Here is a photo of me at 24 hours of Disney wearing of Disney wearing a outfit my mother made for me . The skirt in outfit was made to look sort like a Angelic Pretty skirt I liked a few years ago and the top mas made because my mother had leftover fabric.Thanks to my mother making the top to match the skirt I kind of ended up with a Minnie mouse outfit with out even asking for one. The Minnie ears that are falling down a bit in this photo are really baby hair clips that my sister found for me a few years ago at Disney. The pearls with a black heart that you can't see to well in the photo was made by me . The purse that does not match is Sanrio. I am also wearing matching polka dot over the knee socks  and pink high top Converse(for comfort even though they are not Lolita). The next time I wear this outfit I would swap out my purse for this one
and my shoes for these.
I would have to say this is about the fastest Lolita Blog carnival I have ever done. I hope all of you like my idea. Here are the links to all of the other girls in this weeks Lolita blog carnival. I bet they all had even better ideas then mine so you might want to check them all out.   

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