Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day!!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Valentines day and have been given wonderful gifts from those who love you most. My Valentines got an early start this year. This year I got invited to go to an early Valentines afternoon tea. Here are my photos of the tea.

Most of the photos are just of the inside of the tea room and the lovely mixed china on the tables. I had to add a few photos of the wonderful food. The hats in the photos minus the one I am wearing are vintage  from the 1930's  for anybody who came without a  hat to wear. The photo with the blue award in it is one they were given by Disney in 1985 and since I love Disney  I just had to add it. In the second to last photo you will see a brochure for the tea  and if you can't read it it it says the tea is to raise money for the Russell home. The Russell home is the oldest group home in Florida it is well known for the fact it has never taken government money to run the place. The last photo is of me . I know it is not the best photo ever and socks look like they don't match(even though they did in person). I know my petticoat looks a little flat(even though it was not).  I know I won't win any Lolita awards for the outfit and sure it can be picked apart even more the I just did ,but I liked it anyway and every one there loved it. A few people at the tea took photos of me because they thought I was so cute. A lady who worked the tea asked if she could use my photo to advertise the tea. I think that was very sweet, but I hope they don't. After the tea I went to the Russell home's thrift store and bought a few things. The girl who rang me up loved my " steam punk" look.  I went to one thrift store after that one that had to almost ruin my day. When I walked in a girl said she loved my Lolita outfit and said no one else would and she was right. I spent the hour or so I was in the store being followed and had people wondering out loud why I was dressed like a freak. Non of this bothered me too much I think that stuff is kinda funny. I know some people got madder when I laughed at their looks of horror. I guess I had to get a real public dissing sooner or later like most other Lolitas get. I guess I have been lucky so far that I don't normally shop the kind of places that would be freaked out by me. In my next post I will post what I bought plus what got for Valentines day and hopefully in few weeks I will get to go to tea again for my sisters birthday.  

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