Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new petticoats.

I am so happy my new petticoats came in the mail yesterday.I don't know why I am so happy. I don't normally go quite so crazy over something as simple as a petticoat but with these I am. As soon as I got the box open yesterday I had to try the petticoats on and bounce around  like I was a bunny or something.

Both of the petticoats are Malco Modes and are super huge. The dark blue one is my fave I love the fact it could knock over just about anything. I never thought I could love the idea of knocking things down but this petticoat changed that. I am sure I over when I do more then just knock down my own things in it I love the fact the petticoats are a little longer then normal so I finally have petticoats that are perfect for my longer skirts and dresses. I never liked the fact that my normal petticoats are slightly too short  for my longer stuff. I can not wait to get the chance to wear one of the petticoats to Disney and bounce around. Now that I have written this I think I am going to try and talk someone in to going to Disney so I can wear one of these.

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