Friday, January 24, 2014

Me and Lolita in 8 years.

I decided to get in on this weeks Lolita blog Carnival kinda last minute this time. I did not get really think I would get in on this until a little while ago  when a idea just hit me. In 8 years I would like to have a much larger better put together wardrobe. In 8 years I would like to own a few of my dream prints. In 8 years I would like to have gone to a few brand stores. In 8 years I would like to be better known as a Lolita. In 8 years I hope to be a better Lolita blogger. In 8 years I hope to have gotten around to buying a few lucky packs. In 8 years I hope that Lolita is still around and I am not the last person wearing it. I hope that in 8 years I have gotten better at a classy Gal( pretty yet adult) look for the days that Lolita won't work.  Now getting slightly off the Lolita subject. In 8 years I hope to have started to figure out what I want to with the rest of my life. In 8 years  I hope to be married and have kids or at least headed in that direction. Even if I don't get any of what I want in 8 years I hope that nothing has gone to wrong  in my life and I am still able to be a Lolita.
Now that I have said all of that I will leave you with art from Tokyo Disneyland of this years sweet Duffy and Shellie may just because it is cute and to make this blog post a little better.

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