Saturday, May 4, 2013

jewelry and clothing photos plus my new petticoat

 I normally don't just sit around photographing my room but, I decided  today since  I have seen tons of jewelry and clothing photos on other peoples blogs why not add a few to my blog. The first photo is the mirror I like to keep the necklaces I like to look at on  .    In  the first photo you can also see a bit of my collection of jewelry boxes, my classic pooh umbrella to the left,  and  bit of my closet with Barbies on the top shelve to the right . The second photo is of some of  my Lolita clothes out of my closet. This is not all of clothes just what I grabbed for the photo. I did not photograph my closet because I think my clothes photograph better out of it. In this photo you can also see some of my Disney video and vintage Disney collection above the clothes. You can also see one of my Bradley dolls on the right side of the photo. The last photo is of of pink Stitch wearing my new pink petticoat I got today. I bought the new petticoat to wear to a Victorian themed tea party  I have been invited to go to next month. Hopefully I will get tons of good photos  to post here of it.

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