Saturday, June 8, 2013

more photos

I decided to add A few more photos from Disney I had not added before. The first photo and the second photo are of me at the Magic Kingdoms 40th. My outfit was not Lolita, but it was dress like it's October 1st 1971 day(opening day).  The Disney shirt I'm  was made by my mother using a pattern from 1971 and the characters are from a disc. The first photo is of my and orange bird by the sunshine tree. the second is of my sleeping on the wedway. It was about noon in the second photo and I had been at the park since four that morning .Believe it or not we were not the first ones to get in line to get in that morning.

 Photos three,four and five are of me at the Swan for the royal wedding. I wanted to go to the Grand Floridians dress like a prince or princess event they held  at the weeding gazebo complete with the characters dressed up for the event,but sadly that was booked full. I ended up at the Swan because well it was not full. The event was not as nice or as dressed up formal as the one I wanted to go to,but it was still nice. You can't see in my photos because it still very early,but lots of older ladies came wearing suits and lovely sundresses with huge royal wedding worthy hats. The first photo is of me waiting  for the wedding to start and breakfast to be brought out. The second photo is of me getting breakfast.   Photo three is of me behind the sugar royal jewels the hotel made for the event.     

I will some day when I can find them add the photos of the hotels royal wedding cake and my drinking tea. I guess you can all figure out the the breakfast was British.The event was not the best Disney event I have ever been to, but it was free and they did ask that people come dressed up. I love any event Disney has that almost says flat out please come dressed in Lolita. I would have gone more over the top and put something even fancier but, it was the middle of the night here and I was very sleepy. In case  anyone is wondering Disney does wonderful stuff like this all of the time sadly I just don't have enough time to get dressed up and to go to all of them. I do force myself to make the time to go to the Magic kingdom and EPCOT's  birthdays every five years. ^ .^

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