Friday, June 7, 2013

In and out of Lolita

 This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival is in and out of Lolita. When I first read what this weeks topic I was blank as to what to write and I could only think of silly things.I was just simply going write something like in Lolita I am dressed out of Lolita I am sleeping or taking a bath.I will say that yes I do run into times where cute won't work,but that is not often.  I know I can't wear it to say like jury duty,but just listing places  I can't wear along with a list of all of the other things I do in my life won't make for fun reading. I  thought to make this fun I would make this a game of opposites. I decided to pick Lolita or Lolita friendly stuff I own and show it next to something that is not Lolita I own. I will say that I think ownership of the stuff that is not Lolita does not make me any more or less of a Lolita.
 The first photo  here is of some Lolita and non Lolita friendly keychains. On the left is a small Shellie May keychain  along with a Alice makeup mirror keychain that looks like a cookie. On the right is a Michael Jackson keychain along with a Startrek Klingon keychain.  

Photo two is of a Lolita shirt with my Avengers shirt.

Photo three is of a pair of my Converse next two a pair of dress shoes.

Photo four is of my MJ Thriller totebag  next to a lovely handbag.

Photo five is  of some old non Lolita jewelry next to some Lolita jewelry.

 Photo six  is a Dragon ball Z action figure next to one of my  Maud Humphrey Bogart figurines.
Photo seven is of  the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death next to A copy of Disney's Cinderella.
Photo eight is of of a Gothic and Lolita Bible next to A mangazine.
Photo nine is of my Speed Racer coffee mug next to my Maud Humphrey Bogart teacup.
Photo ten is of a pair of  chopsticks with Japanese characters on them next to a very cute pair of Hello Kitty chopsticks.
Photo eleven is of a Pirates of the Caribbean book next to a beautiful Disney book about never fairies.
I guess I could keep this game of  opposites up all day but I won't I will just give up and give you the list of links to other girls in this weeks Carnival.

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