Thursday, November 21, 2013

What my family thinks of me wearing Lolita

I thought I wouldn't do this weeks Lolita blog carnival ,but After have spent a few days with my grandmother I would. I know some girls will tell stories of having a family that doesn't like Lolita or does not get it. I guess I am lucky I have a mother who loves doing what they call heirloom sewing  and a grandmother who loves Victorian stuff. My family could really careless what I wear as look I look nice and  what I am wearing is appropriate for wear we are going. My family is even nice enough to buy me things they think I would like and they think would go with my Lolita fashion. I have  worn everything from over the top sweet to classic to Gothic and like I said they could careless. I won't lie and say my family is perfect because they are far from it but, at least when it comes to what I like they are very good and for the most part like what I like.Now I will tell you what made me do this weeks post. My grandmother called me the other day and asked would I go with her on a tour she had planned  on going on that my grandfather could not go with her on. I said yes to the trip and ended up on a boring boat trip  to Tarpon springs. Tarpon springs is a cute little Florida town famous for sponge diving/sponge selling and Greek food.Here is a photo of me taken by my grandmother in Tarpon springs.I know the photo is not perfect but, it was late afternoon I was tired and going for a more casual look.
Even though my look was less then perfect my grandmother and everyone else loved what I was wearing. In my next post I will write about what I bought on my trip.  Now here is the list of the other girls in this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival.

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  1. Its so good when the family likes and aproves what we do, we are lucky, i'm not a lolita but the style inspire me so much :)