Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I bought on my trip to Tarpon springs and few other things

As I said a would a week or so ago I am going to write about what I bought on my trip. I am also going to write I bought a few other things I have bought lately. I won't lie the trip was kinda boring but, I did find a few nice things in gift shop. Here are the photos of the nice things I found.

 This first photo is of a shell necklace given to me the lady who ran the gift shop because she felt sorry for the fact me and my grandmother were having such a boring trip. I don't normally like shell necklaces like this one but, it is nice for free.  
The second and third photos are of the beautiful new hair clips I bought.

The forth and last photo of stuff I bought on my trip is of a  lovely sundress.
I really was not looking to buy a new sundress when I got this but, it was so pretty and really cheap. I figure wear it as room dress or bathing suit coverup next summer. Now on to my other photos. Before I went to Tarpon springs I gone to Christmas sale at thrift store and bought some lovely new jewelry.
I bought this lovely vintage Christmas tree brooch and matching clip on earrings.

I bought the brooch  and earrings to match a lovely retro Christmas tree skirt print skirt I hope will get made by Christmas. I  bought  I bunch of lovely vintage pearl bracelets just because I love pearls  and good heavy vintage pearls are hard to find.
Lastly I bought two lovely vintage 60's knock off Enid Collins hand bag's.

For those of you who don't know Enid Collins was a very big purse designer in the 1960's. Enid Collins was known for her over the top sometimes silly handbags like the ones in my photos. Enid Collins became so popular in the 60's the knock offs were very common at the time. Today real or fake Enid Collins purses can be worth a lot of money so I am very happy to have the these hand bags. My last photos are of a cheap forever 21  shirt that I thought would be prefect for everyday Lolita wear, a new Bodyline skirt, new Christmas  knee socks and book on pose dolls.

I added my book on pose dolls last because  the next thing I plan on doing when I get some more time is to write about my collection of pose dolls or Bradley dolls as they are  known as here in the states.I hope all of you liked my stuff and this post and will want to read my next post.

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  1. Your skirt is super cute. *w*
    bai, Shiki