Saturday, October 12, 2013

3 secrets for someone just getting into Lolita

I will start this weeks post for the Lolita Blog Carnival with saying my 3 tips will be for the new lifestyle Lolita's.
1. While owning a closet full of brand clothing would be nice I don't think most of us could afford one. I will tell you once you have picked what looks good on you and what you like try to find find nice Lolita style clothing outside of brand to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. What do I mean by this? I mean get out and start looking  everywhere from thrift stores to department stores for the stuff to fill in the gaps. I have found lots of lovely vintage stuff for my wardrobe at thrift stores and have even found lovely socks at Dollar Tree.I know some may not like the idea of wearing non brand,but incorporating nice non brand stuff will not only help make it so you don't wear the same clothes every day it will also save you money and make your wardrobe unique to you.
2. Be careful what you buy, if you don't know what quality nice clothes look like  ask for help. I know it maybe hard to ask someone for help,but it's better to ask for help then get wrong and get laughed at later. I know you might want to buy some cheap costume you saw online or in a Halloween, but don't cheap clothes never look good. I don't mean cheap price wise I mean quality wise.I am not saying never go to a Halloween store, or someplace like it. I think you can find nice things anywhere,but I think most of the nice things you would find in a Halloween store would be more like socks  or maybe tights.
3.Don't worry to much about getting it wrong in the start. We all were new once and probably got it wrong a few times. Don't get too mad when someone says you got it all wrong if you get wrong ask what you did wrong and how to fix it.

I know this post maybe a little sloppy ,but I am writing it on the way out the door for a weekend trip. I just had to get in on this weeks post even if it's a little sloppy because I thought it was such a good theme.

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