Saturday, July 20, 2013

How do you break the rules of lolita?

I wasn't going to do this weeks  Lolita blog carnival because I am getting ready for a trip, but since the theme  fits in with my packing a little bit I will.This weeks theme kinda fits my packing to go camping because full Lolita won't work camping.
1. the first rule I will break on this camping trip the Lolita shoe rule.  I will being wearing my Converse because tea parties  don't work in the woods.
2. The shoe rule again When I am not wearing my cons like say our shopping I will be wearing flip flops.I will be wearing flip flops because it is summer and hot.
3. I might skip wearing a pretty shirt and go for a cute tee shirt because I don't wanna  spend that much time getting dressed .
4. I will go with footless tights when I go for flip flops because regular tights would look silly.
5. I might give up almost all together and just put on a cute pair of shorts  when I can't wear Lolita at all like say on some hiking trips.
I try not to break too many rules and I can look very silly camping because most girls would never dream of wearing Lolita camping.I have gotten some strange looks before climbing out of tent in Lolita clothes,but I don't care I bought the clothes to wear all of the time and do For those who might wonder about me damaging my clothes I work very hard not to and like I said in number five on my list I will wear cute shorts when I can't wear Lolita at all.Now it is time for me to get back to figuring out how to pack for this trip. Here are the links to other girls who are in this weeks Lolita blog carnival.

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