Friday, July 12, 2013

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival- Reactions to you wearing Lolita.

I will start this weeks blog by saying I have seen tons of girls give on Lolita lately. I find it heart breaking the number of girls who are giving up. I know most of them are giving up due to the hate some like to spread.  I will say this I don't know why if you are well dressed in clothes that fit and are in a color and style that suit you I don't know why it matters what other people think.  Now if you got Lolita all wrong that is another story. I don't know why so many girls feel they have to have Lolita friends to be a Lolita. I don't pick my friends based on what they like. I pick my friends because they like me. Non of my Friends offline are Lolitas  and I don't care. Non of my friends or family care that I am a Lolita. All of my Friends and family like my clothes they think they are very cute and pretty.Most people who know me are of the mind that as long as I am smart ,well behaved,nice and well dressed I am just fine.My family has put up with every fashion trend that has come down from me and my sister. My sister was a goth for years and no one cared. My mother loves to make Lolita outfits for me when she has the time. My friends and family love finding me things that I think I would   love or would look good with my outfits.Now on to a list of things that have been said to me in public. I will say this most people are very nice to and like what I wear. I don't get yelled at a lot or thrown out of places.
1. She looks like a ballerina.
2. You look like Shirley Temple.
3.You look like Audrey Hepburn.
4. Are you a dancer? this was said to me by some who thought I had come to dance at a retirement home.
5.I get a lot of you are adorable.
6.I get asked a lot where I buy my cute clothes.
Now on to my list of things that have been said to me a Disney.
1. May I take your picture. I don't care if people take my photo .I am not one of those Lolitas that gets bent out of shape over such things.
2. I get called princess a lot. Castmembers are told to call girls who dressed like a princess or in my case a Lolita this.
3. At Christmas time I get asked if I am a sugar plum fairy.
4. The few times I have had my petticoat some how tangled up in my skirt Castmembers  have been very nice and run and fixed it for me.
5.I have been asked if I was Lolita.
6. I have been told by some people that they thought i would be mean because all of the other Lolitas they had met were mean.
7. I get asked where I buy my clothes just like I do outside of Disney and I get asked a lot about my Minnie mouse ears.
8.I get told by castmembers about the other Lolitas they have seen and what they wore.
9. Last year at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party a guy said I was the strangest he had ever seen.
 I hope all of you who read this like my list and anyone who reads this and thinking of giving up Lolita  because of meanness. I say drop the mean people they are not friends and move on with what you love without them. You can be a perfectly fine Lolita with or without Lolita friends.
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