Friday, July 12, 2013

Liebster Blogaward 2 - my first time doing something like this.

The rules:

You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
You must then pick 11 blogs who have under 200 followers and think of 11 questions for those.
 Finally, link back to the blog that nominated you. 
 The questions:
Who is your favorite musician? 
I have three Favorite musicians .

David Bowie,Heath(the bassist from X japan) and Michael Jackson.
Which  was the last song you've listen?
Saints of Los Angeles by Motley Crue. I love that song ^ . ^
Who is your favorite writer/mangaka?
My favorite writer is James Clavell and if you don't know he writes really long historical novels about Asia.
My favorite Mangaka is Takao Saito the man behind the classic Golgo 13.   
Do you like cartoons/animes? I love cartoons and Animes.
Which is your favorite country? Japan
Do you like Japanese movies or doramas, what is your favorite? Yes I love them ,but I don't really have a lot of time to watch them anymore. My fave is Beautiful Life.
What is your favorite color and why? My fave color is pink because it is such a bright happy color.
What's your first thing to do after wake up early morning? (Example: For me it's drink coffee...)I turn on the TV for awhile and watch some music videos on VH1 classic.
 What is your favorite PV? the link is for Celebration by X japan.
Do you like Japanese Culture? Yes I love it very much.
Do you like to live in your country? Yes I love living in America.

Now that I have Answered the Questions here is the Link back to the girl who Nominated me.
Beauty and Destroy 
 I am very sorry That I don't have the time to pick 11 girls to nominate at the moment.


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