Monday, April 8, 2013

R.I.P. Annette the sweetest Mouseketeer

Today Annette Funicello the Mouseketeer who was handpicked by Walt himself  died at 70 after her very long public battle with multiple sclerosis. Last week my uncle died and I was looking for something non depressing to think about and out of the blue Annette came to my mind. I was think of writing a blog post about Disney lolitas and Annette came to my mind. I thought  I have to write about her she is smart ,she is sweet, she is cute, she is pretty, she is well mannered, she is well loved and she always wore the cutest outfits.  In  my own opinion that makes her the perfect lolita. I was going to write About her cute lolita like clothes and her perfect lolita outfits she wore sometimes. I was also going to write about her cute not so perfect music.I was going write about her sugary cute movies. I was even going to write about her teddy bear company. I don't know what I will write now I guess I will just add some of her best lolita and lolita like photos and maybe add her cutest lolita like song. I guess some day when I have the time I will do  a real good blog post about her and why she is the perfect Disney lolita.

I have added some photos from Disney and Annette's most lolita perfect move Babes in Toyland. For those of you who have never seen the movie Annette wears the most dreamy perfect dresses and the movie it's self is very cute. The movie is on video,DVD, blueray and you can watch it on youtube so it's not hard to find if you wanna watch it. I will end this with the most lolita perfect song by annette. Her singing is not perfect,but that makes even more cute. the words to this song just make think Annette and lolita. 

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