Saturday, March 3, 2012

24 hours at disney and not bloging enough

I know to really get this blog going I should blog more  and guess this simple post is good way to start. Did anyone go spend 24 hours Disney?  I did OK not really I went at 8:00 pm and stayed till closing at 6:00 am. I saw no lolitas ,but I did see tons of other stuff. I know some people say lolitas and other crazy stuff can't get in. I lucky have never seen it happen . I saw tons of people in PJS lots of ladies wearing the princess dresses they wore to the princess half marathon   and I even saw Harry Potter and his friends . You name a crazy fashion idea besides lolita and I saw it that night. The best I saw was a few girls in kimonos and the worst was was a almost lolita a girl with a big pink wig,full bonnet ,parasol ,lolita skirt with a petticoat, rocking horse shoes,cupcake shaped purse and sadly what ruined the look a sports bra with no shirt. sports bra girl was with a whole group of ladies in nothing but sports bras cute hats and petticoats.  Yes Disney let in ladies only wearing underclothes.  The park was packed to the teeth when I got in  by about 2:00 am most had given up so me and my family got to ride most everything  we wanted to with no lines. I got a high score on buzz just for sitting between my sister and her husband and doing nothing. I won a button along with them for it. I really must win more stuff by doing nothing giggle. I don't know what else to say. I got a 24 hour button .My sisters husband got a 24 hour shirt and I am still kinda mad Disney did mot make pin for the event. On the way out we ran into one of our new fave people a guy who was the first person to walk in to the magic kingdom opening day we met this guy back at the 40th . I hope we get to see him again at the Epcot's 30th. I love people who love Disney  as much as my family does that is why this guy ranks as one of fave people. I know this post is a mess, but I am still drained from Disney. I only write when I think of something  and that is normally only when I am tired.

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