Friday, December 16, 2011

What this blog is all about.

This blog is about is about
1. My my lifetime of going to Disney world.
2.My family's Disney life. My grandmother bought stock in Disney almost as soon as Disney bought land here in Florida.
3.My love of Disney theme park collectables.
4.My love of Lolita fashion  and wearing it to Disney.

I have tons of stories to tell about Disney before Disney and tons of stories to tell about My Disney life. I have lived in Orlando my entire  life and have gone to Disney so much that my sister sometimes calls it our second home. I won't have any real order to this blog. My blog will just what ever I feel like talking about at this moment. Any story I tell here will be told the way I remember it so may not quite be the someone else may remember it. I might once in a while talk about things other people may have missed at Disney over the years  like say the Ninja Turtles at MGM. I might sometimes talk about resent trips to Disney and post photos of  what ever cute Lolita outfit I wore. I might post some of my family photos from Disney and photos I have of things that rarely show up on the net like when MGM was Dick Tracy themed. I hope all of you who read this blog will like it. - Katie.

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