Friday, October 4, 2013

3 trends I could never get into

I just had to get into this weeks Lolita blog carnival. I really was not going to , but then I thought I know # things I can't get into. I will keep this weeks blog short and to the point. I love almost all trends even those I don't wear. The 3 trends I can not get get into are simply ones that don't fit me and do happen to look good or work for other people.
1. wigs -  I like wigs ,but they don't fit into my daily Lolita lifestyle. I like to be able to do my hair fast  and go. I know most people think  wigs are easy ,but the styling and every thing is too much work for daily wear. I think that wigs are sometimes too flashy or over the top sometimes for daily wear.
2. bangs - I know for years that bangs were a must have Lolita thing ,but I don't look good in them. I know I could just buy fake bangs to wear with Lolita ,but seeing as don't look good with bags and this is a daily thing not happening no matter how not Lolita some would say I look.

3. real fur- I know fur has become a popular fall fashion trend in Lolita,but as a vegan(a less then perfect one)  I can't go for it. I will say the fur stuff looks cute and  I think  if you wanna wear it go for it ,but again  I can't go for it.

I know this is only 3 trends but I have 2 more that are not me that I will list.

4. contacts- I know they come in tons of cute colors and styles. I know they make lots of Lolita's look very cute,but they are just too much work for a girl who likes to likes to be able to put a outfit together really fast and just go. I like having my closet and my outfits organized so I can get dressed really fast and just go. Contacts to me are just a few extra moments I could be spending on my hair or makeup as I run out the door.Contacts can also be a little too over the top sometimes for a simple everyday outfit.

5.ball jointed doll tights- I just don't get this trend. I guess it could make some girls look cute,but to me it is creepy. I don't think they look doll like. I think they look like fake legs or some exposed replacement knees. I say I think fake legs and knees are fine for those who really need them, but I will say  again to me the tights are just creepy looking.

I know some of you may find my list silly and wonder  how these things could take to much time or not fit into my daily life, but it is just me and I am sure most of my list works very well for girls other then me. Here is the list of the other girls in this weeks Lolita blog carnival.


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