Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tips for surviving the summer in Lolita. weeks Lolita blog carnival really means a lot to seeing as I live in Florida and I have been working on a more Lolita friendly summer wardrobe.My tips for surviving summer in Lolita will be very simple.

1. Fans I think are a must have thing if you are going out in the summer. Fans are perfect to help keep you from melting  and are just pretty.
The pink fan in the front is the one I keep in my purse and the one in the back was bought in China on my first trip to Epcot back in 1982.

2. I like to wear cute flipflops or sandals in the summer because your body loses most of heat in your head and feet. I love wearing cute shoes and my cute socks,but they are not worth fainting over in the summer heat.
This photo is some of my cute more summer friendly shoes.

3.I love to keep my hair pulled back in a bun in the summer to keep my neck a little more cool.

This photo is of a few of the cute things I like to wear when I keep my hair pulled back in a bun.

4.A umbrella is always a good thing for a Lolita to have in summer it is good for the rain and to keep the sun off.
This photo is of my classic Pooh umbrella.

5.You can never drink to much water in the boiling hot summer.
This photo is of my cute reuseable drink cup I bought last valentines day. I carry this cup almost every where I go in the summer.

6.I like to skip wearing blouses with my JSK in the summer and I like to some time wear petty tank tops with lace tops or light cardigans like the one in the photo below .

7. I carry a handkerchief in my purse year round but they are especially usefull in the summer they can be used to wipe off sweat and  they can also be dampened and used to help reduce your heat.
The photo above is of some of my vintage handkerchiefs from the 30's,40's and 50's . Most of the handkerchiefs in this photo  are from my grandmother.

8. Sometimes it is just way to hot to wear real Lolita. When it is to hot for real Lolita and I have to go out I try to at least pick something cute to wear. I like to wear sundresses when it to hot for Lolita.
The sundress that mt mother made me that is folded up to fit in this photo gets a lot of wear by me on very hot days.
9. Footless tights are perfect for summer Lolita wear in my mind. I know some girls go petticoat less in the summer,but in my mind if to hot for a petticoat it is too hot for Lolita.I think footless tights are perfect because they keep you from showing anything and they let you go with out socks and teaparty shoes that would make you hotter.
10.The last things that make summer easier for a Lolita would be  common sense stuff that would be good Lolita or not. I think everyone needs good sunglasses and sunscreen no matter what.
The last thing I would like to say if it is way to hot to be outside then stay inside until it cools off if you can nothing is worth dying of heat stroke over.
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  1. Very cute ideas! I especially love the idea of buns for summer (so elegant!) and using a handkerchief too!

  2. Very inspirative :)